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Congratulations to our National Competitors from Iowa! 

Cedar Rapids Jefferson earned 2nd Place as a team in Division II and in Super Quiz!! 
Individual medals went to Emma Lassen (H) GOLD Interview; Chiara Affatigato (H) SILVER Art; Caroline Winter (H) BRONZE Economics, SILVER Music, BRONZE Literature, BRONZE Art, and SILVER OVERALL; Karlee Colby (S) GOLD Literature, SILVER Art, and BRONZE OVERALL; Elizabeth Buchheim (S) BRONZE Science; Daniel Daugherty (S) BRONZE Social Science and BRONZE Science; Logan Hannen (V) BRONZE Economics, SILVER Social Science, GOLD Science, GOLD Speech, and BRONZE Interview; Mackenzie Varo (V) SILVER Literature, BRONZE Art, and SILVER Speech; and Elias Etten (V) GOLD Music, BRONZE Social Science, GOLD Science, SILVER Art Varsity, SILVER OVERALL 

South Central Calhoun took 7th in Division IV and came home with four medals:  AJ Maulsby (S) SILVER Economics, BRONZE Music, and BRONZE Science and Zach Chanchom (V) SILVER Music

Dowling Catholic placed 5th in the Large School Division Online. 
One individual medal went to Eleanor Ball (H) BRONZE Literature

Union placed 11th in the Medium School Division Online. 
Individual medals went to Libby Sauer (V) SILVER Art and Lucian Rockhold (V) SILVER Literature

Grundy Center/Dike New Hartford placed 6th in the Small School Division Online with three students earning medals: Alex Christie (H) GOLD Essay, Joseph Janssen (H) BRONZE Social Science, and Zachary Delfs (V) GOLD Essay

We support American Veterans!
Special thanks to the American Legion of Iowa
for supporting our Iowa students both financially and through 
local legionnaires honoring our students by presenting our state awards.

Our 2019 Adel Legionnaires with our 

IAD Board Representative, Virginia Roudabush.


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